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Erections are a feat often taken for granted. There are so many things that can affect a mans ability to get it up. And here is where we talk about it.

ED in Young Men

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Solve Erectile Dysfunction For Good

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Get Better Erections

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BBC Radio’s Pillow Talk with Mojo Men

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Back in December our founders Angus and Xander joined BBC Radio London presenters Salma El-Wardany and Rhael LionHeart for their weekly episode of “Pillow Talk” – the series that centers on sex and all things related. The show explored why we still think of erection issues as an old man’s problem and what we can

Porn addiction: ‘a public health problem’, but is it real?

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Arousing. Accessible. Anonymous. Affordable. Is it any wonder that x-rated screen time has become a worldwide phenomenon? In 2019 alone, Pornhub reported an average of 115 million visits per day — and over 42 billion by end of year. In 2020, lockdown saw those numbers rise by almost 12% in global traffic. So why do

Erectile Issues: mental health concern or an embarrassing misfire?

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If you are a man between the ages of 16 and 40 your social media feed will include adverts of droopy cactus, cartoon aubergines and funny shaped bananas. Yeh, you are being targeted by erection medication delivery services. The jokey tone of their advertising is not meant to make fun of your issues in the

Mojo Men: Why we made this.

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It is difficult to explain the feeling of not being able to get it up. Thought processes speed up as your heart rate rises. The instant panic, the dread and the crippling embarrassment. You want out. Quick – say something. Anything that says that you aren’t broken … “Weird… this has never happened before” Wait…